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How to Enroll in 4 Easy Steps
1. fill out the pre- enrollment application form at right.
2. Meet with our Directors.
3. Before being enrolled Student must have attended at least one of these:
  • Enrichment Workshop
  • Super Saturday
  • Meet the Mentor Adventure
  • attended a BLC program
4. Be invited by a BLC director to enroll and sign the enrollment paperwork.
Please Note:

Due to limited space, not everyone who is interested will be able to enroll. At last count, there are 25 families interested for each seat we are opening. Students will be enrolled on a first come, first served of pre-qualified learners.

Can you save my spot?
Due to limited space, not everyone who is interested will be able to enroll. To help ensure your student gets in you may place a small deposit with us to have us hold an opening for your learner. This deposit is refundable if your student does not qualify for enrollment. If your student is accepted, this deposit is applied towards the tuition. If you are serious about getting your learner into this gifted program, we encourage you to submit your space holder deposit today!

Pre-Enrollment Application Form

Parent first and last Name
 * required
Parent phone number

Residence Zip Code
 * required
Parent email, to receive a response:
 * required

Student first Name:
 * required
Please select one, which grade level is relevant for your learner?
Junior Grade, ages 4-6
Upper Elementary, ages 7-10
Middle School, ages 11-13
High School, ages 14-18
In which program for gifted are you interested?
Hybrid-Homeschool, 3 days a week
Full time, M-F
PSP, distance learning only
In which academic calendar are you interested?
6 months, April-September 2018
9 months, Sept-June 2017-18
12 months, including summer camps
Why are you interested in the BLC Alternative education for your learner (primarily)?
Has your learner ever attended a BLC program, workshop or shadow day?
If yes, please tell us the name of the program and the date your learner attended:
 * required
Do you have a question or a comment?

Please be ready to write down the information that will appear  in the next screen after you hit the submit button.

Submit your space holder deposit today!