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Middle School for Gifted Students


The BLC Middle school is for youth ages 11-13 performing at any grade level. These years set the stage for young adult life. Influences pertaining to socialization and self actualization are major considerations during these years. Decisions made at this time are important factors influencing choices about higher education and career paths. BLC youth are encouraged to explore various career options as well as college choices through internships with community organizations and businesses.  

This exciting new program for middle school gifted learners is accepting enrollment now. The new 2017 BLC enrollment process invites prospective students to take part in  a full day sample session. Super Saturdays is about transparency, allowing parents to make an informed decision about our  program, while allowing prospective students to experience our program.
Please use the form above, right,  to register your student now for Super Saturdays, so you can experience our amazing program for gifted learners before enrolling in our gifted education program.

This opportunity allows you (and us) to find out if the program is a good fit.

After your learner has experienced a full day session, you will know how our school for gifted operates its unique Mentors & MastersTM program for gifted students and we will know if we will be able to serve your learner's needs well enough to recommend a placement of your student.


To be notified about new enrollment opportunities please join our private, moderated Yahoo Announcement Group where we post about our activities and programs. To join just click the Yahoo icon above.

Enrollment Steps for 2018-2019
1. Fill out the form below
2. Meet with the Director/s
3. Student attends BLC activity
4. Invitation to enroll
5. Submit Application by deadline
6. Invitation to enroll
7. enroll by deadline

Middle School (ages 11-13)
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In which program for gifted are you interested?
Hybrid-Homeschool, 3 days a week
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PSP, distance learning only
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6 months, April-September 2018
9 months, Sept-June 2018-19
12 months, including summer camps
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