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Transferable College Credit for Gifted Teens
The following are the college courses we're offering your young environmentalist:
ENVMT 1(1 unit)
Environmental Careers
Wendy Wheeler
Mondays 6:45-9:20pm, 8/22-9/26/2016
Exploration of environmental fields that are some of the fastest growing sectors in the economy such as sustainable building, environmental policy and education, food, recycling, pollution reduction, green business, energy ,transit, watershed protection, and environmental technologies. Career development strategies and discovery of what is up-and-coming in emerging environmental fields.

ENVMT 5 (3 units)
Oakland Food Culture
Aaron Reaves
Mondays & Wednesdays 2:00-4:30pm, 8/22-12/12/2016
Investigation of the symbolic, social, and cultural role of edible gardens in diverse cultures and the recognition of how ones own heritage can be an asset as a gardener and designer: Field trips to Oakland gardens designed by people of different cultures, documenting the cultural diversity of food and gardens through interviews and photography.

ENVMT 11 (3 units)
Sustainable Urban and Regional Planning
Robin Freeman, David Ralston
Tuesdays 6:30-9:20pm, 8/23-12/13/2016
Survey of sustainable urban and regional planning: Overview of the problems and solutions of environmentally and socially sustainable planning of cities, suburbs and rural areas; history, philosophies and theories of urban planning; rural land use and planning strategies; and the regional approach to planning. Includes hands on projects in the community.

LANHT 28A (3 units)
Permaculture Design 1
Christophe Shein
Tuesdays 5:00-9:50pm, 8/22-12/16/2016
Strategies and techniques of applied ecology/permaculture design and application for designing livable human communities: Observation of natural patterns, gardening in urban settings, water and nutrient recycling in the landscape, and an introduction to the Bay Area bioregion; emphasis on permaculture ethics and principles, soil fertility, composting, and synergestic plant associations.

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Environmental Science College Credit

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