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Hybrid Homeschool for Gifted Students

Hybrid Homeschooling™

Many families of gifted students turn to homeschooling as a way to serve their gifted student's educational needs.  BLC's Hybrid Homeschooling model operates both as an educational support structure and sorely needed social community for gifted students.

The New BLC Hybrid Homeschooling program is for homeschooling families who love homeschooling, but would really like some support, structure, community and respite.  It is also for families who like the idea of homeschooling but find it difficult to provide it without support. Through this flexible program, you can enjoy the involvement, oversight, control and intimacy you currently have as a homeschooling parent, while at the same time, have assistance with the educational planning and instructional aspects which can feel over whelming at times. 

Your gifted child will enjoy the opportunity to be a part of a gifted community of free thinking learners of Like Mind, while they engage in a wide variety of high quality learning activities and experiences with us.

Baywood's Hybrid Homeschooling Program offers:

  • An educational staff to help you support your child's academic and emotional needs
  • Enrichment classes facilitated by specialists for exceptional interests
  • A three day per week regular schedule
  • Opportunities for advancement and acceleration
  • Parental inclusion in curriculum design
  • social opportunities

Hybrid Homeschooling offers you the structure and support you need while still allowing all the benefits you already enjoy about homeschooling:

  • More time with your child
  • Intimate knowledge about what your child is learning
  • ability to monitor academic progress
  •  participation in program design
  • freedom from curriculum that teaches to the test
  • freedom to plan and take vacations or family trips
  • ability to integrate authentic learning opportunities


Customizable Hybrid Gifted Program

BLC’s Hybrid Homeschooling option is a three days/week gifted education program with an option for a 5 days/week schedule running as a nature immersion program.
It can be used to supplement your current home-school education programs, ease into homeschooling for the first time, or as a stand alone full featured gifted program. 

Designed for Home-schooling Parents
  • The support you need
  • The respite you deserve
  • The community that understands

BLC’s Hybrid Homeschooling option is a three day per week education program designed to supplement home-school education programs with high quality educational and social experiences for gifted children.

As a part-time program, BLC does not provide the full complement of academic studies. Rather, BLC acts as an enhancement to your home-school agenda, helping you with educational planning and staff to assist you with instruction in areas you would like more support.

BLC educators work with you and your learner to create a customized curriculum that will compliment home studies and help to ensure that the curriculum they get is at the appropriate academic level, regardless of chronological age. We uphold the values of transparency, accountability and especially JOY for everyone learning throughout our program.

Enrichment workshops and activities which are often driven by student interest are an exciting value added to this program. Enrichment workshops which occur on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are included in the enrollment package. Additional workshops on Thursdays and Fridays are offered to enrolled students at a discounted rate.

Your learner will work in small groups and sometimes one-on-one with their assigned Mentor. The Mentors' role is to help keep Learners' engaged with their academic studies and to monitor the progress of the learning targets. Mentors, by necessity, are not teachers. Mentors, trained and overseen by our Director, are qualified to implement the BLC program which is specifically designed to serve the emotional and educational needs of gifted children. 

Hybrid Homeschool Schedule:

The Hybrid Homeschool program is three days per week:  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, leaving you with a four day weekend to continue homeschool and family activities with your child at home or in the field. 


Enrollment Information