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Gifted students need to be around true peers. The ability to associate with like minded peers is a Universal human need. With highly gifted children this need is much more pronounced. 
Often the first lesson learned when these very aware children begin school, is that they are different from the others and there is no one to whom they can relate. This can create a profound loneliness. Many gifted children speak of "feeling like an alien".

Imagine what it would be like for a "normal" or average child to be placed in a class with same aged but intellectually disabled children. That child would quickly observe that they can tie their shoelaces, but their classmates cannot. They would observe that they can easily and quickly learn the academic material but their classmates cannot. They might begin to hide their abilities to protect the feelings of others. Holding a conversation with a same age classmate with an IQ of 70 or less would be unsatisfying for a normal child.

And so it is for a gifted child placed in a school of "Norms".
The risks are that the child begins to think they are always the smartest, always the first to finish, that no one is ever smarter, faster or "better".

When a gifted child first comes to BLC there is a period of adjustment while the child acclimates to the fact that there are others who may be more advanced in a particular subject. Well, this is new!
At first there may be a slight shock and a bit of moping, but soon they learn that everyone at BLC has special strengths and challenges, just like they do! These are their People! After that they stop comparing themselves to others and focus on advancing in their own program.
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