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Scientific Etymology details


In this workshop the Leona Canyon Redwood Forest in the Oakland hills is the backdrop to our curriculum.
Using nature as our context we explore Latin and Scientific Etymology:
  • We will discuss, What is etymology? Why does it matter?
  • Short history of English, scientific vocab (branch and map illustration)
  • We'll also discuss a few word stories.
  • Learn the Greek alphabet (art activity)
  • transliteration 
  • backwards transliteration activity
  • some word stories
  • word endings/Latinization
  • root changes    
  • examples and word grouping activity
  • more word stories    
  • review
  • making names activity
  • discussion
  • $180 enrolls your student in all four 90 minute workshops for either Session 1 or 2. 

    As with all our workshops at BLC, Intro to Scientific Etymology focuses on in-depth content for students who appreciate a deeper, more intensive learning experience.
    For this reason we hire only Masters in the given field of study and keep class sizes small. This protocol allows for individual interactions with learners and time for discussions driven by student interest.
    Because our class sizes are small, it is recommended you enroll early to reserve a seat. We operate on a  "first come, first served" policy. Classes that do not meet the minimum enrollment may be cancelled in which case you will be notified by email and given instructions about requesting a refund.


    Our Masters work loosely from a generalized outline in order to be able to respond to student interest and deviate from set material in favor if a teaching moment following student curiosity.  Therefore, the content provided above may not be inclusive of what will ultimately be provided to the enrolled students and is provided here to give parents a general idea about what may be covered. We reserve the right to allow our Masters to use their best judgment on what will serve their students best at the time of instruction.