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Junior Grade for Gifted Students


Junior Grade is a special education program serving gifted (sensitive, intense, creative) learners ages 4-6 who may be performing at any academic level.

Featuring individual acceleration, with an abundance of art and play-based learning,
this program offers academics tailored to the needs of individual learners, while addressing areas of challenge in a safe and dynamic system of support.

This exciting new micro program for young gifted learners is accepting enrollment now. The 2017 BLC enrollment process invites prospective students to take part in a full day sample session. Super Satudays allows everyone to make an informed decision about enrollment in our program.  
Please use the form on this page at right to register your student now for Super Saturdays. By attending Super Saturdays so you can try out our amazing program for gifted learners before enrolling in our gifted education program.

This opportunity allows you (and us) to find out if the program is a good fit.

After your learner has experienced a sample day session, you will know how our school for gifted operates its unique
 Mentors & MastersTM program for gifted students and we will know if we will be able to serve your learner's needs well enough to recommend placement of your student.


Building Critical Thinking Skills
Young learners in the BLC program are supported in developing self motivation and self direction by being allowed to participate in the planning and creation of their learning program. The curriculum is integrated with play and fun activities designed to build the important pre-academic soft skills of working memory, social skills, patience and listening. As much as possible our learners are included in decision making about their learning plan.
We assist our learners to develop critical thinking skills by allowing them, as much as possible, to make meaningful choices about their day and curriculum in a supportive environment.

$99 for a full day session of BLC gifted learning program in Junior Grade.

Only $49.50  for a full day session of BLC gifted learning program for Middle School when entering promo code from our in-house group.

Junior Grade
Super Saturdays Sign up:
Please pay before submitting this form for enrollment. Use an active email to receive your confirmation notice and important information.

Super Saturday Location:
Leona Canyon, Oakland CA

Date Session 2
Saturday, Feb 25th(closed) & Mar 25th, 9a-3p

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All Sample Day Attendees must complete the online Waiver Form. Click here to access the Waiver: Waiver Form

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