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Mentors & Maestros (TM)

The Mentors & MaestrosTM 
model of
gifted education 
was developed and is exclusively operated by the Baywood Learning Centers' brand.
This model affords differentiated curriculum and encourages self actualization of gifted learners by supporting their needs for autonomy and advanced learning with customized learning plans.



Mentors work with BLC learners in small groups (pods). They are typically young adults who assist each individual student in their pod to achieve their academic goals and help create a safe learning environment. They  are not credentialed teachers. The mentors' role is to support socialization and emotional connection while ensuring each learner achieves their stated daily academic goals. Generally, academic goals are benchmarked against California State Standards. Students are allowed to exceed the standards, but every effort is made to ensure students do not fall behind grade levels. Mentors are a resource for helping students to discover ways to overcome challenges (academic, social or emotional) that may arise in the pursuit of achieving their academic goals.

While mentors are not "real teachers", they are essential to facilitate the self directed learning model preferred by gifted learners

All Mentors and Masters working at BLC are:

  • Cleared of criminal background checks through FBI and DOJ fingerprinting
  • Demonstrated ability to empathize and open to neuro-atypical learners
  • Demonstrate academic competence
  • Familiar with BLC techniques designed to support gifted students



Masters are educators who have mastery in a given subject. While Masters can be any age, they often are mature persons who have attained an advanced college degree in the subject or have pursued a lifetime of in-depth experience in the chosen field. 
Fundamentally, Masters are gifted adults who are still excited about their subject of interest, they love fielding questions from students and often are able to lead in-depth discussions which gifted learners love.