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The 3 A's: Critical Needs of Gifted Learners

 by Grace Neufeld, founder, Director of Baywood Learning Center

Over the years of educating and working with highly gifted and profoundly gifted learners,  I have come to know that these complex students have three critical needs which must be met.  
The 3 critical needs of gifted students are:
1. The need for Autonomy
2. The Need for Association
3. The need for Acceleration

Critical Need
Risk of
Not Meeting Need
Need for self determination, inclusion and input in decisions in matters that affect them
Opposition, Defiance, endless arguing, or worse, student gives up caring becomes passive not engaged
Need to know other high performing students 
Loneliness, depression, poor social skills, unrealistic self image 
The need to work at the appropriate grade level
Refusal to do school work, loss of interest in learning

It is impossible to serve the highly gifted and profoundly gifted population well without addressing all three of these fundamental basic needs. Click on each of the words above to learn more about why.

All rights reserved. Copyright 2014 Grace Neufeld