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Open House (Ice Cream Social)


 To RSVP and get your free tickets, please click here to email the number of people in your party and receive directions to the event. Please add the words, "Ice Cream Social" to your message. 

Click here to learn more about BLC's Gifted Learning Program

To find out the answers to these questions and learn even more about the BLC gifted program, we invite you to try out our 2017 program during Sample Days (aka Super Saturdays).
During Sample Days you can try out our program to find out if BLC is a good fit for your students. Trying out our programis the best way to see if it is a good fit.
Please sign up using the links in the table on this page: Sample Days

Or click on one of the links below which correspond to your learners grade which will provide you with the information you need for each of our 4 programs:

Junior Grade (ages 4-6)


June 2nd 2017

Free Ice Cream, come melt your brain with us!


Ice Cream Social!
please click link above to request your free ticket to meet other parents, enjoy ice cream and find out more about BLC's Gifted Program for sensitive, high-ability students. Please put the words "Ice Cream Social" in the email.

UPDATE: BLC is now offering two ways to keep up with the latest information on scholarships, enrollment and news! Choose between a private moderated parent group OR subscribe to BOOM, "Baywood's Own Outreach Magazine" for more info click here: in-house newsgroup.


  • Who are the educators and what they are like?
  • Who are the students and what are they like?
  • Is the BLC gifted education program appropriate for my student?
  • What is learned, how is performance tracked?
  • How are the days organized?
  • What is the social climate like?
  • Who are the other parents, what are they like?