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Secret Life of Ancient Ninja
Using the ancient Book of Ninja, “Bansenshukai”-  the real Japanese textbook of ninjutsu (art of ninja) written by a real ninja master in the 17th century as a guide, we investigate who the real ninjas were and what the principles and training's of Ninjyutsu are still applicable today.

Who were real ninjas? Men in black masks and suits with amazing gymnastics ability? Master martial artists?  Ruthless assassins with throwing stars?  Did you know there were two kinds of ninjas – yin ninja (shadow ninja) who sneaked around at night and yang ninja (light ninja) or undercover agents who just looked like regular people?  In reality, ninja were highly trained people with cutting edge scientific knowledge, spy craft, interpersonal skills, survival skills, and of course gymnastic skills. In this workshop students learn how to apply ancient Ninja concepts for success into their daily life.

About the Facilitator
Takehito Etani, a Japanese native, is a lifelong ninja enthusiast who started his “secret ninja training” with a friend when he was a 10 year-old in Japan. His interest in ninja lead him to be involved in alpine style climbing in Japan. Etani believes the essence of Ninjutsu needn't be locked away in history and continues to apply concepts of Ninjutsu (art of ninja) in his daily life. 
In this course we learn that an authentic ninja is someone who is principled, adaptive, observant, unconventional, and constantly leaning new things.
The DIY spirit of ninja who invented and made their own tools influenced Etani to become an artist who invents fantastical wearable devices and installations. Etani's work has been exhibited in Japan, Europe, and US in various galleries, museums, and media arts festivals and publications. He received BA from Hosei University in Tokyo, BFA from Pratt Institute, and MFA from Carnegie Mellon University. 

Etani has been a popular member of the Baywood Education Team serving gifted learners for ten years.



Secret Life of Ninja 
Wednesdays Mar. 8-29
1:30pm -3:30 am: ages 7-10
3:30pm-5:00pm: ages 11-18
Location: Laurel Books, Oakland

$180 covers all four 90 minute sessions and materials

50% savings with yahoo announcement group promo code covers all four 90 minute sessions and materials, only $90

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Secrets of Ninja History
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